Do You Want to Build Trust in Your Business to Gain More Sales?

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Or increase your readership? How about to attract investors?

Stop wasting time and money on over-complicated marketing that doesn't work!

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Why Is Building Trust Important?

The short answer is that we all have better things to do than purchase another item or service, or sign up for another newsletter we won't read.

The long answer is that your business can only sustain itself if your customers, both potential and regular, trust you. Yes, revenue and sales are important, but you can only make those (hopefully recurring) sales if your customers trust that what you are providing meets their needs.

Common Pitfalls

In the quest to run a profitable business, it's easy to fall into the trap of over-marketing and pushing our product or service too hard in a disingenuous way.

Your customers and readers are smart, hard-working people. Don't waste valuable time and money on complex marketing schemes and ineffective copy that only push them away.

You're Too Close to Your Business

So why hire a writer and editor? As a business owner you are too close to your business to write effective materials. You also have a whole host of other tasks that need attending to.

As a professional writer and editor, I take complex, abstract ideas and present them in an easy-to-understand manner for your particular audience. I can also see things from the point of view of your audience and write effective copy that works.

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With your passion and my magic, we can serve your clients in the best, most meaningful way possible